Emerging Life Science Block – The Central Instrumentation Facility

The Emerging Life Science Block houses the specialized research facility of the University known as the Central Instrumentation Facility. This facility promotes the interdisciplinary approach in research among the various faculties in the University as well as from other academic research institutes and/or industries in and around the Punjab region.

The foundation stone of ‘Emerging Life Science Block’ was laid by Prof. Richard R. Ernst, Noble Laureate (who revolutionized the NMR spectroscopy) in the year 2011. 28 state of the art instruments are currently present in the facility and these were purchased with the grant of INR 50.00 crore conferred by UGC after the status of University with Potential for Excellence (UPE) was given to Guru Nanak Dev University.

Salient features of this central facility are
  • Each instrument has a teacher in-charge who is responsible for the maintenance and working of the machine.
  • The instruments are open to all the faculty members of the University.
  • The facility is open 24 hours and 7 days in a week for use.
  • Most of the instruments are operated by the students.
  • Continuous power supply.
  • Each instrument is having UPS backup for 30 min and the whole building has automated power backup from the generator which starts automatically within 2 min of power failure.
  • A separate grant is created by the University for the Maintenance of the instruments.

Details of the instruments

Room No. Instrument Installation Teacher Incharge
101. NMR spectrometer (500 MHz) March, 2014 Prof. Palwinder Singh
102. Scanning Electron Microscope and Atomic Force Microscope 2012 Dr. Anupinder Singh
103. Confocal Microscope 2012 Prof. Gurcharan Kaur
104. Scanning Electron Microscope 2012 Prof. Palwinder Singh
105. High Resolution Mass Spectrometer (LC-MS) March 2012 Prof. Palwinder Singh
106. Raman Microscope and Ellipsometer 2012 Prof. Atul Khanna
108. XRD 2012 Prof. Atul Khanna
109. Vibrating stimulating Magnetometer 2013 Prof. B. S. Randhawa
112. Transmission Electron Microscope 2014 Dr. Sandeep
201. Ion chromatography
Flash chromatography
2013 Prof. Palwinder Singh
203. Next Generation Sequencer 2013 Dr. Kamlesh Guleria
205. BET, Dynamic Light Scattering 2013 Prof. Sukhprit Singh
209. Isothermal calorimetry
Preparative chromatography
Amino acid sequencer
2013 Prof. T. S. Banipal
Prof. Satwinder Kaur
Prof. Saroj Arora
303. Spray Drier 2014 Dr. S. K. Jain
304. Computer lab- Remote sensing 2013 Dr. M. S. Bhatti
305. Atomic absorption spectrometer, cytogenetic work station 2013 Dr. Jatinder Kaur
403. Physiotherapy Lab 2013  
404. Flow cytometer, CHN analyzer, anti-oxidant analyser 2012 Dr. Gagandeep
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