University Industry Linkage Programme (ULIP)

Message by Coordinator

It is a matter of immense privilege and pride to arbitrate the significance of the Office of University-Industry Linkage Programme (UILP) that is in fact a source of educational upheaval, inspiration and establishment of industrial linkages between the industries and Guru Nanak Dev University(GNDU). Industries of all kinds including oil and gas, refineries, pharmaceuticals, telecommunications, defense production, textiles, bioremediations, heavy mechanical industries, and renewable and cleaner energy etc. are the backbone of boosting economic growth of a country and play a pivotal role to establish industrial linkages with the universities. University is pursuing the noble mission of imparting quality education in a value-adding environment that grooms students to become responsible citizens of society. We at GNDU are progressively working to build sound traditions of research and teaching on all our academic programs. We offer diversified and well thought-out programs of study supported with elaborate state of the art facilities. The University-Industry Linkage Programme (UILP) has been established to operate as a catalyst towards engaging with the industry order to address the needs of both the industry and the university. UILP is the gateway for the industry and university to seek new opportunity to complement each other and to develop talents suitable for current industry needs. UILP opens the door for industries to link with GNDU by way of offering industrial training, internships and hiring opportunities. Industries can share and contribute their expertise in developing human capital by partnering with the university through programs that help nurture and prepare students to make them relevant to the industries.

Prof. (Dr.) Preet Mohinder Singh Bedi

Professor of Pharmaceutical Sciences

Coordinator University Industry Linkage Programme

Guru Nanak Dev University,