Student Clubs

The following Student-Run Clubs are being constitured in the university to promote various social and student activities. Interested people can apply for one or more clubs according to their interest. Plese contact the respective teachers incharge to know more about the club activities.

Overall Students' Club Incharge: Dr. Geeta Hunda (Department of Chemistry)
Contact: (M) 98882-32619

S.No Club Name and Logo Mentor(s) email / Contact / Social Link / Website
1. Food and Fitness Club
Dr. G. K. Gahlay
(Department of Molecular Biology and Biochemistry)
Dr. Bhavnita Dhillon
(Department of Food Science and Technology)

(M) 94177-70769 (Rohit), 98303-25290 (Sunanda)
2. Science Club
Dr. Venus S. Mithu
(Department of Chemistry)
Dr. Bindiya
(Department of Physics)

(M) 81988-28871 (Rohit Bhatia), 98889-60430 (Rohit Thapar)
3. Fine Arts Club
Artist Ashwind Kaur
(Department of Architechture)

(M) 81467-94874 (Harkiran), 85589-00786 (Parth)
4. Dance Club
Dr. Mandeep Kaur
(Department of Commerce)
Dr. P.S. Malhi
(Department of Chemistry)

(M) 78371-13949 (Chamandeep), 62807-09731 (Priya)
5. GNDU Talkies
Dr. Venus S. Mithu,
(Department of Chemistry)

(M) 80545-85544, 82848-10712
6. Music Club
Dr. Anup Kesavan
(Department of Molecular Biology and Biochemistry)
Dr. Rajesh Sharma
(Department of Music)

(M) 81467-94874 (Harpreet Singh), 88728-28475 (Ajith)
7. Literary Club
Dr. Sumneet Kaur
(Department of English)

(M) 79731-33668 (Tanya Sharma), 98555-33328 (Dr. Sumneet Kaur)
8. Drama Club
Dr. Sunil
(Department of Hindi)

(M) 9878550034 , 9255279602
9. Go Green Club
Er. Sachin Kumar
(Department of Chemistry)
Dr. Tejwant Singh
(Department of Chemistry)
Dr. Jatinder Kaur
(Department of Botanical & Environmental Sciences)
(M) 95015-12234 (Amanpreet Kaur), 70069-44945 (Priyanka Sharma)
10. Social Service Club
Dr. Satnam Singh Deol
(Department of Political Science)

(M) 88728-58298 (Sahil), 9855218416 (Ekta)
11. Photography Club
Dr. Ashwani Luthra
(Department of Planning)

(M) 95927-19628 (Gurbachan Manjh), 75892-70276 (Silla)
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